What to Expect

Before Your Pet’s Appointment

For new clients, prior to your pet’s appointment you will need to complete the new client form. Please open the form below and send it back to us.

We will reach out to get your appointment scheduled and also reach out to your pet’s previous veterinary hospital for records. You can also email previous records to us at timberlinerecords@gmail.com. Being prepared for your pet’s appointment is important for our staff and getting records before the day of the appointment is extremely helpful.

Please send a photo of your pet so that we can add that to their electronic file.

What to Bring to Your Pet’s Appointment

Please plan to arrive 5 minutes prior to your pet’s scheduled appointment to allow for the check in process.

For your pet’s safety, we request that all dogs are on a leash and all cats are in a carrier.

For Annual Exams we do ask that you please bring a teaspoon size fecal sample so that we can test your pet for any intestinal parasites. This is especially important for puppies and kittens.

Your Pet’s Appointment

Our medical team will take a history and one of our Veterinarians will perform an exam on your pet.

We offer tasty treats for pets during their exam and pheromone sprays to help with creating a low stress environment.

Our medical team will go over all recommendations, make a plan with you, and go over all costs with you.

Typically treatment is done in the treatment area and vaccine only appointments are done in the room.

Check out and scheduling your pet’s next appointment is all done in the exam rooms.

Additional Diagnostics or Hospitalizing Your Pet

Sometimes, additional diagnostics are needed for a sick pet or concerns that arise from the appointment. We are equipped with an in house lab and radiology so that we can get same day results and begin treatment if needed.

Our medical team will go over a detailed estimate with you and your pet will be admitted to the hospital for the day. Our caring and attentive treatment staff will care for your pet until you come back at your scheduled pick up time where your pet’s Doctor will go over diagnostics, treatment, and any future needs.