Sick Pet Care

We are a full-service animal hospital equipped and staffed to handle most illnesses and injuries. During business hours we will do everything we can to see our patients when they are sick or have an urgent care need. Please call us as soon as possible if your pet is sick or has an urgent care need during our normal office hours. For a true veterinary emergency, please go to your nearest veterinary emergency hospital.

Sick Pet Needs Seen at Timberline Animal Hospital

Injuries Seen at
Timberline Animal Hospital


For assistance outside of our normal office hours, please contact:

Veterinary Emergency and Rehabilitation Hospital
816 S. Lemay Ave, Fort Collins (See Map)

Timberline Animal Hospital
(970) 377-1900
2614 S. Timberline Rd. Suite 111, Fort Collins, CO 80525 (See Map)