Senior Wellness Care

Senior pets hold a special place in our hearts. They have shared their lives with us and need some extra TLC as they age. Our goal for senior pets is to provide them with excellent, individualized medical care, pain management if necessary, and enhance their quality of life.

Senior Wellness Services

Additional In-House Diagnostics Offered

Common Health Conditions in Senior Pets

Senior Pets

Our pets age much faster than their human friends and can develop health conditions very quickly. We recommend that senior pets see their doctor more often so that we can diagnose and treat any developing health issues before they threaten your pet’s health. Early detection of illness and disease is critical to living a long and healthy life. We may recommend additional diagnostics, blood screenings, and pain relief medication depending on your pet’s needs. There are no hard and fast rules about when a pet is a senior pet because all pets age at different rates depending on their size, breed, and lifestyle. As the person who has shared their lives with them, it is important to recognize the subtle signs and gradual changes in your pet’s behavior that could indicate they need to visit their doctor. This is especially important for recognizing and treating pain.

Pain Management

Nobody likes to be in pain. As humans, we have access to pain relief when we’re feeling sore or stiff or painful. Your pet relies on you to recognize the signs of pain and to take them to their doctor for treatment. Some of the subtle changes in your pet’s behavior that might indicate they are experiencing pain include:
For long-term pain management we can help assess your pet’s discomfort and create a tailored plan to your pet’s needs. There are a variety of prescription medications that can give your pet relief from pain. We can also refer your pet for physical therapy and/or acupuncture.