Class IV K-Laser Therapy

We are excited to offer laser therapy for our patients! Laser therapy has been utilized for over 40 years, has been scientifically-proven through thousands of studies and trials, and is FDA approved. It is used extensively in human medicine for physical therapy. Our K-Laser is the exact same model used in human medicine with treatment plans specifically programed for dogs and cats.

How It Works

Laser therapy utilizes specific wavelengths of light to penetrate deep into tissue to improve circulation, promote healing, and decrease pain and inflammation. The therapy is non-invasive, not painful, and doesn’t require sedation or shaving. Most pets really enjoy the calm, relaxing therapy sessions. Common uses include arthritis, soft-tissue injuries (sprains and strains), post-surgical incisions, wounds, and infections. Conditions like arthritis, chronic ear infections, and chronic licking wounds are just a few of the places laser therapy will help your pet to heal. We also offer laser therapy to our patients with dental extractions to decrease healing time.

Conditions That Respond Well To Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy Benefits

What You Can Expect

Typical sessions last 5-15 minutes. Your pet will typically see improvement within the first one or two treatments and most conditions require between four and eight sessions for maximum benefit because the benefits are cumulative. Chronic conditions, such as arthritis, will then be on a maintenance schedule (typically every two weeks).