Dental Cleaning 101:
Not all dental cleanings are equal

Imagine what your teeth would look like and what your mouth would feel like if you did not brush your teeth or go to the dentist. Your pet’s teeth are no different! Brushing, regular check-ups, and as-needed cleanings keep your pet’s teeth healthy. Pets need to be sedated for their dental procedures and that can make providing quality dental care for your pet expensive.

Not all dental cleanings are equal. At Timberline Animal Hospital we are committed to providing your pet with excellent dental care. Our commitment to your pet’s dental care includes:

Advanced Dental Equipment:

We are equipped with a digital dental x-ray unit, 2 dental treatment areas, and a high speed state-of-the-art dental unit.

Up-Front Dental Pricing:

We offer set prices for each Grade of dental cleaning. Your pet’s initial dental assessment will provide you with the information you need to make the best financial decisions for you, your pet, and your family. Our goal is to provide you with an accurate up-front estimate. There is always the potential for new problems to be diagnosed during your pet’s procedure and we will make every effort to contact you during your pet’s dental to discuss the costs if unexpected dental issues are discovered during their procedure.

Dental Standard of Care

Digital dental x-rays, extractions, or treatment for periodontal disease are an additional cost. Your pet’s dental assessment will indicate which grade of dental cleaning is best for your pet depending on their current dental health.

What you can expect prior to your pet’s dental cleaning or procedure:

Doctor consultation

This is scheduled prior your pet’s dental cleaning or extraction surgery to discuss all options. Our Doctors will discuss your pet’s dental issues, options and outcomes of your pet’s dental procedure and the risks associated with the procedure. You are encouraged to ask any questions during this time. Our Doctors will also discuss post-operative care and recovery and go over the cost estimate for the procedure. Our Doctors will discuss the need for dental radiographs (x-rays) at this time depending on your pet’s dental health.

A pre-surgical examination

Our medical team will examine your pet to make sure they are healthy enough for anesthesia and the dental procedure and that their vaccines are up to date.

Pre-anesthetic blood testing

This is our standard of care for all surgeries. Blood tests check many vital parameters of your pet’s internal health including, liver and kidney function and red and white blood cell counts prior to putting your pet under anesthesia.

What you can expect during a Dental Cleaning or Dental Extraction Surgery

IV catheter and fluids

To keep your pet hydrated and maintain blood pressure during surgery

Digital Dental Radiographs (Xrays)

If you decided to have dental xrays for your pet during your consultation with Dr.Rowe, they are taken at this time.

Professional teeth cleaning

Surgical monitoring

Your pet’s safety while under anesthesia is our highest priority. We continuously monitor your pet’s blood pressure, EKG, Temperature, & oxygen level during surgery and adjust anesthesia levels as needed to make your pet’s procedure as safe as possible.

Pain management

Because your pet cannot tell you when they are in pain, we are pro-active with your pet’s pain management for all surgical procedures.
We provide pain medication before, during and after your pet’s procedure and utilize local blocks for tooth extractions.

What you can expect after a Dental Cleaning or Dental Extraction Surgery

A phone call

A member of our medical team will call you after your pet’s procedure and let you know how they are doing.

Post-surgical recovery monitoring

A recovery technician will provide continuous care and comfort while your pet is recovering from their procedure.

Day hospitalization

Our procedures are done in the mornings so that your pet has a day of hospitalization to ensure a restful recovery

Discharge consultation

We schedule go-home appointments when you drop your pet off for their procedure. These appointments allow our medical team to meet with you, customize discharge instructions for your pet’s at-home recovery, and go over their procedure. We are also available for questions or concerns after your pet’s procedure.